What We Offer

diverse selection of alcohol-free beverages

At Inmoxicated, we are passionate about options, especially pertaining to what we choose to drink. Our goal at Inmoxicated is to offer Southeastern Wisconsin’s largest and most diverse selection of alcohol-free beverages and alcohol-free beverage alternatives. The alcohol-free beverage market is exploding with new additions seemingly every day and we are sourcing products from as far away as France or Italy and as close as Waunakee, Wisconsin. From craft sodas to alcohol-free wines, beers, mixers, and ready-to-drink cocktails, we strive to provide a drink option to please every palate.

Looking for a particular product? Let us know, and we would be happy to research stocking it for you.

Inmoxicated Sobar

This Spring we will be bringing our handcrafted mocktails and other popular alcohol-free beverages to an event near you!

Our full service, 10 ft mobile mocktail bar is the perfect way to make sure ALL of your guests or attendees are satisfied and have their thirst quenched. Make an impression at your next party, baby shower, fundraiser or corporate event by offering your guests a top shelf mocktail experience. We can even create a signature mocktail just for your event!

Contact us today to reserve your unique AF (alcohol-free of course 😉) beverage experience!

mobile mocktail bar trailer
mobile mocktail bar trailer
mobile mocktail bar trailer